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    Enrich Reward Ltd Outsource IT Services to Business Systems Group in a Five Year Deal

    By Enrich Reward Limited, the Business Systems Group Limited (BSG) have been awarded a 5 year technology outsourcing contract. The leading UK reward that consultancy, specialists in  the wellness, Healthcare and the Flexible Benefits.  The contract was providing the new resilient of the application platform delivering the service levels appropriate to an organization which was reliant upon the technology in providing  the exemplary exemplary customer service. In the 5 year partnership between BSG and Enrich Reward Ltd sets out to deliver today’s business services more robustly at a reduced cost, builds on Enrich Reward Ltd’s competitive edge by deeper customer engagement and increased personalisation of services.  From the existing provider the key in being awarded the contract was BSG’s  ability in delivering the Breadth services and to demonstrate it’s ability in seamlessly transition.  David Brooks, Finance Director, Enrich Reward Ltd comments “It was imperative that we select a service provider that is able to maintain the smooth operational running of all systems and services whilst being able to adopt a proactive and responsive approach that assists Enrich Reward Ltd in the achievement of its business objectives. BSG demonstrated an understanding and ability to be able to meet this key requirement”.  David Brooks continues “Following our management buyout we needed a service provider who could keep pace with our ambitious plans.  One who saw change and innovation as their real value verses those whose model is based on ‘operating steady state.” Based on VMware technology on an IBM platform, the BSG’s design will deliver a scalable and resilient 24x7x365 managed service.  IT provides the multiple services, in which include the BSG Custodian Hosting Services, BSG Forum Managed Exchange Email, BSG Guardian Shared Storage, BSG Guardian Backup and full systems monitoring through BSG’s proactive BSG Sentinel Monitoring service, Rob Barry BSG’s Service Delivery Manager commented “unscheduled down time is not in our vocabulary”. The other key in serving was the the provision of a fully managed service desk, network support, virtual desktop, systems administration resources, and importantly the ability to provide on and offshore consulting services to build the unique applications which will enable Enrich Reward Ltd to differentiate its service. The BSG Training Services are to provide orientation of the virtual desktop and Microsoft Office 2007 upgrade training to all Enrich Reward Ltd’s employees. Nick Gerard, CEO, BSG comments “At BSG our strategy is to design, deploy and operate IT services that remove the overhead of managing utility IT functions that form core business operations but do not differentiate. This contract with Enrich Reward Ltd plays to this strategy while our Software development business allows Enrich Reward Ltd to leverage their intellectual property that makes them so unique”.  Outsourcing is so helpful, it provides the companies solution to there problem. This is to help the company to be success all the time. This is a big help to all.





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