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    Poland cities shine in global rankings

    The top emerging outsourcing city in the world, according to a new report by Global Services and Tholon, is the Southern Polish  city of Kraków. According to a new report by Global Services and Tholons,  “the 2010 study features a total of 100 outsourcing cities and divides them into three categories – established, emerging and aspiring.”  In the ranking the overall Kraków finished in 11th place.  In the emerging category and in 38th place overall, the capital Warsaw finished in 28th-position Kraków plays host to a number of major international companies, including IBM, Google and UBS. In total, firms from the outsourcing sector employ 16,000 workers in 50 centres within the city.  IN the ranking,  the Wroclaw  the third and last Polish city.  Within the aspiring category and in 84th place overall, it finished the 24th position.  The Indian technology hub Bangalore was the top established outsourcing city, meaning it also topped the overall ranking. In total, six Indian cities featured in the established category, which comprised 10 cities.  “Cities were ranked” according to a methodology,  “which takes into account the results of interviews with service providers and buyers, in addition to findings from a slew of official economic data and reports.”  The outsourcing is a great opportunity, this is especially to the individuals that was lucky to have the job.. The company who is doing the outsourcing strategy has a big advantage to the company. The outsourcing is the human resource or it called the resources in the outside of the company or outside the country wherein the company was based on.  The company that uses the strategy of the outsourcing is that the very firm in using the Internet marketing companies and the manufacturing companies is that the work on the kind of the tactic that was a cheap.  The people should remember that you can save a lot of money when you select it but first make sure that the service that you will get is above average.   The people who are also contributing in corporate social marketing activities when you are inclined to give more job opportunities to places where there are scarcity of work for their people.   The companies that wanted to try outsourcing as a business tactic, the study the pros and cons first. The best impact of this business strategy is the giving of more job opportunities to countries who had a low employment rate.  The outsourcing  today has a big impact to the economic and competitive pressures that have made in the imperative for the organizations of all the sizes to focus in their core competencies.  This is the turn which the third parties was assuming the responsibility of the other secondary corporate functions.





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