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    Monthly Archives: July, 2011
    Luxoft Continues Momentum as a Leading Global Outsourcing Provider

    The member of the IBS Group and the leading global provider of the advanced application and the product of the development services is the Luxoft. It announced that they continued the momentum to fueled by the customer and the partner engagements, the product of the innovation and the strategic leadership team additions. The Luxoft during […]

    Is nearshoring the new IT outsourcing?

    All the rage of the past decade, the mixed results that shown that offshore IT outsourcing has over the promised and under-delivered.  CIOs are beginning to evaluate alternatives, many of which may be better bargains than previously thought.  As our ability to calculate total cost of ownership of offshore outsourcing has advanced.   In application […]

    Outsourcing in Romania is Heating Up

    The outsourcing in the Romania was one of the business major that positive turn.   The uncertain amid, the Kearney “Global Services Location Index” 2011 places Romania on the 25th rank in the world top of IT outsourcing and BPO locations, specifying that “…the nearshoring story in Europe still shows a shift to Romania”   The […]

    India 3PL Services Set to Flourish on Increasing IT Penetration

    According to our research report that “3rd Party Logistics Market in India”, the growth of 3PL market in India IT industry has been continuously supporting . For the increasing acceptance of logistics services outsourcing in the country, the industry along with automobile is responsible . IN the economy moreover, with increasing penetration of IT players […]

    Multilingualism – Poland’s Outsourcing Advantage

    The momentum to gain the outsourcing continues in the constructing businesses that the environment, the forcing companies is to cut the costs . The research from the ICT estimated that the 2011 global outsourcing  market will be increasingly by the 9.2% amounting to $464 billion with the offshore of the segment, The accounting for about […]

    StarTek’s Carlson: In the BPO Worls, It’s Getting Tougher to find the ‘RIght Condition’

    About the Latin America that was based on the emotions and no in the fact the United States executives was making the decision. The customers was now looking in for something that is different. In the Philippines that wage pressures, in the Egypt the superior English Skills while in the Western Europe, it near shoring […]

    Unique session of TechCamp in Moldova

    A few days ago there took a place two- day high level conference with the support of the U.S State Department, TECHCAMP MOLDOVA, in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.  Its goals was effective cooperation of civil society with local government  due to modern technology, particularly Internet resources, open databases and applications. The program under Secretary […]

    Russian IT market: FY2010 summary

    In the CNews, according to them “Russia’s largest IT analyst agency and media portal, has revealed an overview of the Russian IT market’s results for FY2010. According to a CNews survey, the revenue of the top 100 Russian IT companies increased by 45% in 2010. These results include all types of companies: hardware and software […]

    South High outsourcing daily operations this fall

    To run long-struggling South High School, the Columbus school district has won a federal turnaround grant that will pay for an outside group.  The outside manager would take over the school this fall. It has issued a request for proposals seeking an education-management organization.  The experts say ” this is the first time in Ohio that […]

    Outsourcing Eastern Europe

    The Native level of the Finnish and the fluency in the English. The recolation for the for the successful candidates. The excellent working conditions and the career progression opportunity. In the Romania . The broad range of the of the convention facilities, cultural venues, the shopping arcades and the recreational areas. The cost living average […]