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    Greece approves severe spending cuts, tax hikes

    The Greece fended off the bankruptcy that threatened to roil global financial markets. They approved the severe spending cuts and the tax that increases the Wednesday in the faces of the violent protests. It is by the Greeks who say that they have suffered enough. To the Greece from the rest of the world, the package of the austerity measures that keep bailout money flowing . IT is about $17 billion in the fresh loans that although the money was only be enough to see the nation through September. The parliament building the investigators around the world cheered the news, the protestors, fighting tear gas, the hurled whatever they could find at the riot police and they tried to the blockade.   The insurer Dimistris Kostopoulos, it is said that it is a bad that the country will be sold for a piece of bread. There were many of the other more appropriate alternatives on it. The parliament has once again betrayed on it.  The pensions and the public sector have been cut. The unemployment was about 16 percent. By the comparison it is about the nine percent in the United States. In spending cuts and the parliament was approved the $40 billion, the public services to raise $71 billion more. Some of the markets experts had predicted that the Greek has default that could have trigged another world financial meltdown.  In this case it is like what happened after the Lehman Borthers investment that the house where collapsed in the year 2008 in the United States.  Both in the Europe and the United States that the risk is that the banks would have had to chalk up the billions of the dollars in the loses this is because of the Greek loans that bad. The European finance minister will be meet in the Brussels to the work on the second bailout for the Greece. It is expected to be the similar in the size. As the French banks have indicated that they may do, it is many economists that is still won’t be enough, it is the banks that were expected to share some of the burden.  The others was loosing there privileges, they must avoid the country’s collapse with the very effort  this is base in the Prime Minister George Papandreou . In the outside that people protesting, it is truly suffering, the others was losing their privileges. NO one else must never be suffer in the sequences of the collapse. The protest that could undermine the government’s ability to the implementation of the harsh austerity measures. This is which the tax even the lowest paid in the Greeks and the raise prices during the recession. Carl Campus is the analyst at the BMO Capital Markets according to him that they were not out of the water just yet. The outsourcing is helping the things fater and easy to do. The information Technology is being more strong and better. The company that use the outsourcing is that they can use the technique and also the strategy of it. ]











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