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    Monthly Archives: September, 2011
    CEEOA Launches the New Information Analytical Portal about IT Outsourcing in the CEE region

      CEEOA apprise last September 21, 2011 the lunch of new information analytical portal about Information Technology outsourcing in the Central and Eastern European  countries. On the potential of the CEE region, the main purpose of portal are to form the integrated view. The espouse cluster for outsourcing services provision and to create the […]

    IBA Group to Present New Software Services in Dubai

      In the Gitex Technology Week from 9th to13th of October, 2011 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates over the 2,500 people the IBA Group an alliance of Information Technology companies will present new services. IBA Group, at the Gitex Technology Week will showcase its diverse portfolio of services that help customers solve their Information Technology […]

    Outsourcing in the global economy

    Advance  Technology and Innovation in the field of Information Exchange supported the Globalization of economies that triggered massive changes in the way trade and business were carried out in the new era. The business outfits are redefining their strategies to accommodate benefits of advanced technology in search of cost advantage and efficient management of work […]

    IT Services Move Nearshore to Romania

      The United Kingdom can benefit from the choosing Romania as their nearshore location for the Information Technology projects, this is explains by John Cotterell, the chief Executive at the Endava.  The current economic climate was forcing the world-leading organization to re-evaluate both of their loval and the overseas Information Technology Outsourcing options. This is […]

    Comarch a Gold Sponsor of the Loyalty World 2011 Conference

      This is all about the Comarch a Gold Sponsor of the Loyalty World 2011 Conference news. In the London, the Comarch became the Gold Sponsor of the Loyalty World 2011 Conference, in which it will be held between the 14th to 17th of November.  To maximize the customer retention, the CRM and the customer […]

    Softengi participates in DocFlow Ukraine 2011

      The leading Information Technology providers in the field of the document work flow at the conference DocFlow Ukrain 2011, the Softengi will join this in which it will take a place in the Ukraine House, Kieve and the Ukraine.  In general, it is having the profound experience in the administrative process automation and in […]

    Why are Indian Outsourcers Seeing a spike in the Unbilled Revenue

      The obtaining the need not be of the major concern the rise in unbilled that the Indian outsources.  In increasing in the trade recivables and the unbilled revenue, it is simple reflects the changes in the business practices. The market shifting toward the fixed prices contracts. The Information Technology Analyst Abhishek Shindkar with the […]

    Portal Solution by ANASOFT Already in Bosnia and Herzegovina

      The criteria accession in Copenhagen was include the pool of the economic requirements that placed by the European Union on the candidate countries.  In the Bosnia and the Herzegovina the ambition was in the integration into the European Union. The most important that ones is in to create the favorable that the business  environment.  […]

    Holistic IT Outsoucrcing

    With the large and the small work units lining up to be delivered in the strict order by the single group with its own project managers, analysts, developers and the testers. the traditional pattern for the companies was looking to replace or to extend the systems and the processes that has been for the projects […]

    GlobalLogic and BMC Software Partner to Expand Product Engineering Lab in Kyiv

      The leader in the software R&D services, the GloobalLogic was announced that it has been selected by the BMC Software to expand the company’s current R&D Lab in the Kyiv.  ON the BMC Software, the selections builds successfully the partnership with the GlobalLogic Ukraine team in the support of the several imporatant of the […]