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    IBA Group to Present New Software Services in Dubai


    In the Gitex Technology Week from 9th to13th of October, 2011 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates over the 2,500 people the IBA Group an alliance of Information Technology companies will present new services. IBA Group, at the Gitex Technology Week will showcase its diverse portfolio of services that help customers solve their Information Technology challenges. The business intelligence and corporate performance management systems, dynamic infrastructure management solutions, integrated service and workflow management systems.

    The company is breaking new ground in the mobile sector. The systems allow companies to monitor and assess their operations, transit to flexible and effective workflow management, keep them aligned with strategic goals, predict future developments and make grounded decisions. For a Kuwaiti company, one of the recently developed mobile applications is intended. With a corporate IBM FileNet workflow system and a web application, the project has involved implementation of a mobile solution that is closely connected.  In the mobile area the other IBA’s customers are Goodyear, IBM, Standard Bank of South Africa and numerous clients in the CIS.

    The company’s traditional offerings in the new services that comes along including as complex multiplatform systems, SAP solutions, mainframe software and legacy system migration, enterprise applications and web-based solutions.  IBA has become an important partner of global giants like IBM, SAP, Good year, Rockwell Automation and Fujitsu Technology Solutions as a respected and experienced Information Technology service provider. With IBA the corporations partner on hundreds of project in need of software engineering and product development services, software testing, maintenance and support services and migration assistance.

    Since 1993, IBM which has worked with IBA, has named the company a Premier Business Partner and one of its best performing suppliers. As Gold Partner and an industry chosen partner for railway and power industries the SAP designate IBA. The IBA made as a constituent partner in Information Technology planning and execution, embracing it an architectural and business process decisions from initiation to integration.

    The Vice President of IBA Group and the head of the IBA’s delegation at GITEX, Dr. Valentin Kazan says that “their customers need to keep up the pace of technological change without the high fixed costs of internal Information Technology systems and they give an unsurpassed service, plus a depth of engineering talent they would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. He also said that the IBA Group is based in Prague, it has an operating centers in Belarus and throughout Eastern Europe, and offices in eight countries. Although the Middle East is a new destination for them. They have achieved certain results in the marketing of our services here. They look forward to building and expanding partner relations and hope to make the Gulf region a priority destination for IBA  Group.”   To discuss their specific needs and find solutions to their problems, IBA Group invites visitors to its stand.

    Outsourcing gives important in every situation of the business. It helps the business to find a solution in every problem. This has a big impact in the society, it is the best way to help improve your business status. Our company becomes better because of outsourcing strategy. This is the best among the rest of the techniques.