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    Data Security: The Biggest Concern in the Cloud


    Among users’ biggest questions over the cloud computing are the deficiency of standards, uncertainty within the service provider and its data security. These are the unreliable proof from the attendees and speakers at the World Cloud Computing Forum in London. Based on the numerous presenters and attendees, the security abides to be one of the biggest obstacle to adopt because as they continue to be liable for their customer and other valuable information, they cannot assure that the cloud providers are protecting that data to the high measures that they assumed.

    The head of IT at an academic publisher Elsevier, Jora Gill said that they control a lot of data like the authors and writers information and they will never settle like those private information on  the cloud as of this time. Paul Boyns, head of IT strategy and policy of the BBC analyzed some part of the problems, and it is nesting, a PaaS or platform as a service offering may really be depended on IaaS or the infrastructure as a service being supported by another vendor.

    He added that when they go up the stack more, SaaS or the software as a service offering may absolutely be doing the similar thing. Hence they have to possess a service level agreement with a SaaS provider that has an established operational level agreement with a PaaS provider and IaaS provider. A subsidiary of his company had already had to compromise with the  termination of a cloud provider, an occurrence in which the firm’s central IT function had to shift into an action to support the migration of data from the extinct company’s platform, said by the technology director at global security company G4S, Glyn Hughes.

    Vendors are moving more quickly than the standards bodies and that users thus required to analyze about the possible data migration from a provider prior to make some agreement with them, warned by the head of IT strategy at the BBC, Paul Boyns. The added work of the industrial standards might help, he said. It is not just to enhance interoperability within the services but to improve enable data to be shifted from platform to platform or even back in-house if needed.

    Probable providers need to be firmly and exactly audited before they signed the deal with them, it means that they have to analyze first how they host and look after the data, also handling some security tests on their infrastructure to guarantee that they meet the needed security standards. Hughes recommends that potential users of cloud services have to adopt the same pragmatic risk-based technique that they would acquire the data secured in-house.