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    Hosting Firms Plan to Offer Cloud Services


    According to Tony Lucas, the founder of Flexiant that the hosting firms asserting to offer cloud services are providing the same services that they gave 10 years ago, however clearly marketing them as a cloud rather than in a bid to create money. He added that the hosting companies in Europe have been supplying cloud forever, if they were to anticipate the marketing promotion because they view at their product set and they are the same product sets that they were offering 10 years ago and they does not take any change. And they have done is settle the cloud on their company.

    It is a step through the right path, however it does not offer any of the function or activity that everyone will talk about, it is not just about offering a siloed set of hardware, casting a hypervisor of any feature on top of it and named it as a private cloud. He added that rather than having an evidence  to be blinkered, most of the hosting service providers who should be acquiring the lead when it comes to the cloud.

    As Lucas spoke at the GigaOM StructureEurope 2012 conferences in Amsterdam he speak to their data center staff, CEOs, CTOs and their CFOs and they all have various suggestions, however they are all preferably blinkered as to the possibility of cloud. They also tackle about the £1million agreements within three years  that they have been restored and that is their focus now.

    They would be very satisfied, if they could do £1million within three years together with the in-demand true cloud services, apart from that they are entirely missing the point. They also claimed that their customers are not asking about this stuff but that is because they are just approaching Amazon otherwise. He will also tell them that they are not being questioned about them because their customers already know that they are not providing that service.

    Most of the firms are too focused on the here and now and not on where things are heading, he said. Apart from that they are nearly just frightened of several features or ideas of cloud computing like the pay as you go and the estimated ability of customers are scale up or down and paying subsequently. Hence, the majority of the firms don’t really want a pay as you go or to pass from one provider through other however it simply need more flexibility between a monthly agreement, Lucas argued.