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    Google: Cloud Offers Better Data Security But Many are Still in Doubt


    According to Google, information is more protected in the cloud than it is when saved in traditional corporate data centers. Cloud is usually less expensive aside from the traditional on-premise software specifically if they begin with adding all the other costs of backup, storage, anti-virus and other, however it should not mean that it is inadequate and substandard, it was according to Eran Feigenbaum, Google’s enterprise director of security as he spoke at the AISA or the Australian Information Security Association.

    He added that there may be different providers and various solutions that are focused for numerous purposes, but he affirmed that cloud computing is apparently more secure compared to what other organizations are utilizing now. With the previous research that suggest almost half feel cloud storage is uncertain, the Google Apps security chief’s observed some conflict with what some IT professionals belief about the cloud.

    Almost 47 percent of the respondents stated that they won’t consider shifting mission-critical applications to the cloud while 37 percent consider it somehow and 17 percent answered that they didn’t decide yet. Almost 70 percent said that the main concern that they prevented to consider it is the data security, this is the reason why a lot of those would not consider the moving mission-critical applications to the cloud.

    The research revealed that security is viewed as an issue even for those who already using cloud with some areas, if it isn’t enough that Feigenbaum has a troublesome battle when it come in convincing people that the security is better in the cloud rather than with the traditional on-premise software. Apart from that, almost 62 percent of IT professionals said that they have fears with regards to the security of the data, while 25 percent stated concerns with infrastructure security.

    Only 5 percent of respondents to the survey recorded improved security as a benefit from the cloud. Aside from that, it compares to the 43 percent who said that the ease of maintenance is an advantage of the cloud and 41 percent agreed that the flexibility offered by the cloud is one of the biggest help of it. Google also advised that as of this time no organization is entirely secure over the attack and if such an event happens, cloud customers have the right to know what happened, it is in spite of the claims that cloud offers more security for the data.

    While most organizations are trying to convince customers that the cloud is the future. Most case studies with regards to the positive aspects of cloud are necessary to help surpass issues people have about the cloud, said by Ireland CTO and Cisco UK Ian Foddering. When the EU is arranging a consistent cloud strategy for the future, that is the time when Google comments about the security that cloud offers.