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    Vodafone will Invest in 4G Network Worth £5.5 Billion


    Based on Matthew Braovac, the Vodafone’s head of regulatory affairs that almost £5.5 billion will be provided in 4G by some mobile operators. An increase that several analysts’ assessments could be worth at least £75 billion beyond a decade as 4G could increase its national GDP by almost 0.5 percent, Braovac said in the Westminster e-forum event that the amount of consumption would be productive and beneficial.

    The retain prices for licenses to utilize the 4G spectrum come in at a collective amount of £1.3 billion, Ofcom stated. Meanwhile the overall amount would affect in the sum lifted by the 4G auction. Braovac distinguished 4G with the development of SMS, and he said that when SMS was created people don’t have any idea of how it will work, how much it was to be utilized and how quickly the need would increase.

    Apart from that Braovac supported the United Kingdom’s position  with regards to 4G, he asserted that the UK is not far behind with Japan, South Korea and the United States when it comes to the level of connectivity. He also added that Japan and South Korea have not yet informed with the promised economic impact of 4G networking however they are like professionals in that area and for that the UK get some lessons from their errors.

    Meanwhile, Derek McManus, the chief operating officer of O2 acknowledged with Braovac statement that as the UK would not get to have the first 4G network, it must be the leader in that area. McManus also added that the United Kingdom will be a leader and the drive that they are devoted to stimulate 4G will signify that 13 to 14 years and it will give benefits for all the users.

    4G will be part of the digital revolution and it might entirely change many sectors like in the business, health and even with the education department, it was according to the O2 COO. McManus also emphasized that 4G will let most firms to mobilize their workforces that allows them to become more productive and effective.

    On the other hand when it comes to anonymized data, they can change that dynamic even more to allow customers be closer to the businesses, evolving the nature of what they sell, when they advertise it and whom they can offer it. However, those who are doubtful with the 4G network include Phil Sheppard, the Three’s director of network strategy and he took the goal of EE’s 4G service. He said that it they will compare the 3G HSPA+ service to LTE technology, the alteration is not as big of a gap as being illustrated by EE.