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    Author Archives: monica
    IBM moves access to UK drivers’ private data offshore to datacentre in India

      The IBM will access their personal data in UK’s 43 million drivers to an Indian data center to cut costs, the UK government agreed. THe IBM runs London’s congestion charge system. The observer revealed that the secret move comes after IBM lobbied Transport for London. The IBM has been fined repeatedly since it took […]

    Government CIOs and IT suppliers ‘hiding behind a comfort blanket’

      According to one of the government’s most senior IT chiefs, the government CIOs and IT suppliers must stop hiding behind a comfort blanket because some of them just do not have the capability to see through the change needed in the WhiteHall IT. Those who are preventing change taking place in the way IT […]

    Two more councils join CapacityGRID

      North Warwickshire Borough COuncils and Dacorum have joined a shared service which provides transactional services to the councils. CapacityGRID which provided by IT services firm Liberata has over 25 councils using its services to complete business processes such as the revenue and benefits transactions. It also provides cost savings joining the shared service that […]

    IT system cuts visa misuse beyond Schengen Area

      IT system integrating distant national border controls has reduced visa abuse across the borderless Schengen Area of continental Europe. The Visa Information System is used by the European Commission to enables states in the Schengen Area to share information in near real time. In 1985, the Schengen Area includes almost all European Union states […]

    Southwest One is charging Somerset cuts

      According to a Conservative member of its cabinet, the somerset county council’s troubled outsourcing contract with the Southwest one has stalled the authority’s program of cost cuts. With the IBM in which Somerset owns a 17.5% share, southwest one a shared services venture has meanwhile begun actively working against Somerset’s interests. However, after the […]

    The cloud – business extension at sustainable pricing?

      Most of the organization look to the cloud to provide some of the level of contingency against their own systems going down, be it off-site data backup, failover servers for business applications or the use of high-availability servers and software. The business continuity and level of disaster recovery a given organization chooses to put […]

    HP losing grip of EDS’s Ministry of Defence contract

      The HP’s grip on a flagship Ministry of Defense deal could be weakening after rival CSC took over the pay and pensions administration services of the service personnel and veterans agency. Since 2005 the SPVA contract is held since it is acquired by HP, it is part of the Defense Information Infrastructure deal that […]

    Is O2 Unify achieve customers over?

      Paul Osborne has been managing director of the business which it called O2 Unify. Its dawn and pick the idea was to move into the joined-up business market. He told the computer weekly that O2 had already moved from doing purely mobile to offering fixed services as well, yet the idea was to move […]

    E.ON application’s outsources to Capgemini

      The utility giant E.ON has outsourced application services to Capgemini as part of a five year restructure of its IT services in a deal worth about €50m. For the E.On’s business information management and SAP ERP applications, the deal will see Capgemini provide application lifecycle services. From the E.ON to Capgemini, the work has […]

    Is the cloud driving IT outsourcing or dazzling the outlook?

      The cloud computing is an increasingly significant segment of the Information Technology outsourcing sector, however it has a tipping point that really been reached or they are one huge data breach away from an about turn? The cloud currently represents only a fraction of the Information Technology sector and a minuscule slice of the […]