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    Now It’s Armenia: USAID Funds IT In Eurasia

    In the South Asia, the controversy mounts over its funding of the Information Technology outsourcers.  It has announced in the agency for the International Development that the program under which it will partner with the government of the Armenia. From the American shores a nation anxious to lure computer work from the American shores, this is to promote the development of the country’s information technology industry.  The assistant administrator for Europe and Eurasia, JOnathan Hale was on the four day trip to Armenia to meet with the government and the private industry leaders in the country.  In partnering with the USAID in the the Information Technology sector they look forward to partnering which has the great potential.  The Armenia has the advanatges in the sector. Yeritsyan wants the companies to come to the
    Armenia and to create their innovative environments.  For the low cost of the Information Technology and the Engineering work outsourced from the US and the other Western countries the Armenia was looking to establish there selves.  Within the operational silos, the Information Technology works in the break fix mode.  The one that participating in the project is the Oracle’s Sun Microsystem unit.  The taxpayer-funded the federal agency, they did not disclose the contribution of the Armnenia’s efforts to become the Global Information Technology competitor.  The USAID will partner with the private outsourcers in the Sri Lanka to teach the workers in there advanced Information Technology skills such as the Enterprise Java programming, the skills in the business process outsourcing and the call center support.  The USAID  contribute about $10 million directly to the $36 million project.  They help the trainees to brush up on their English language proficiency.  In the Europe and Asia the USAID’s effort helped to build up the Information Technology and the outsourcing indutries that would seem to run the counter to the Obama’s public pledges.  This is to keep more hi-tech jobs in the US.  This is where the unemployment in the technology industry continues to run high.  A spokesperson for WashTech Rennie Sawade, a communication Workers of the America affiliate that represents the Information Technology professionals. Base on him  the action was contradictory to the Obama’s commitment to create the jobs and teh revitalize the American economy.  It is appropriated to the train workers to take the American jobs in any of the taxpayer money.  It would be directed toward to the unemployed and the underemp0loyed in the country.  The official of the USAID did not respond to the request for the comments.  This is to show that the information Technology is become more strong.  It has a big impact in the industry, wherein the businesses and the company and also most of the people is working with the use of the outsourcing.  By the help of the outsourcing, it can help to find solutions to the problems of the company and the businesses.  Using this outsourcing, this is the way to outsource inside the company and outside the company then it can outsource inside the country and outside the country.





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