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    Outsourcing: Brazil tech stealthily steals a march on US and Europe

    In this Brazil Tech stealthy steals in the march on the United States and the Europe, Mark Kobayashi-Hillary said that the Brazil was still in the relatively unknown as the destination of the Information Technology services, this is yet certain in the areas of the tech sector were actually more on the advances than those on the United States and the Europe.  He said that he just moved from the London to Sao Paulo and he is still getting used in visiting the beach in January and he was picking up the three beers for the price of the pint back at the former home in the West London. He is still writing about the globalization  and the outsourced services, The tools like the Skype and the Vonage, he has the people that calling o9n him and he is not even realizing that he has left in the London. In the three years, he wrote the book that called the building a future with the Brics that about the development of the offshoring and the outsourcing markets in the Brazil, Russia, China and India.  He kept the close eye that has been happening on the outsourcing sector of the Brazil.  Everyone knows that the outsourcing in the China and Russia receives the less coverage and how far the India has come in the past decade.  They were also developing the stable of the Information Technology suppliers that it can be compete internationally.  The exciting about the Brazil was still they are relatively unknown as the destination of the Information Technology services. The industry was very huge.  In the million of the Information Technology professionals Mark Kobayashi-Hilary was suppose when the first started that looking in at the Brazil, the sheer of the scale of the Information Technology industry was impressed by him. In having the millions of the Information Technology professionals it is already working without the made an impact on the international outsourcing market. In the long list of the statistic and the superlatives anyone can simply wants a long list.  They were the people who really the beat of the drum for the brazil in the same of the ways as the well-known Nasscom for the India. This was really the interesting the areas of the Brazilian to the tech of the sector that where places in the technology and the services in the overlapping with the industries on that were actually more on advanced than those in the United States and the Europe.  The oil and the gas exploration , the green electricity production,, the banking and the financial of the services that was all subtly be different. It involves the quite of the advance technology in the systems.  In the locally designed system the electronic voting is has been used in the election in almost a decade that the both in the hardware and the software was those in the system that were locally designed. He feels embarrassed to the mention to the Brazilians that in the Britain that they watch was generally in the election of the night.  The outsourcing is still high. It is still helping the economy to stand strong despite of all the challenges.






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