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    Outsourcing Potential, Forgetting Workers

    About the news in this outsourcing, they need a better intelligence in the kind that was derived not from the intercepting the presidents phone calls there mistress but from the hanging out with the powerless.  This is one of the lessons of the columnist Nicholas Kristof’s lessons for the United States foreign policy that drawn from the Egypt’s revolution.  He appointed that the American journalists and the foreign policy experts alike missed the warning signs of what was coming in the Egypt in the part.  This is because they talk to the wrong people, he also said that it is not exactly the revelation to the consumers of the independent media.  They miss the reporters  when the reporters ignore the everyday working people, this is not just the revolutions in the far off places.  The consequences of the country’s outsourcing-only manufacturing policy was examined.  This is went to the entire justification for the globalization.  Because of the increased in profits that produce innovation, creativity and the investment in the new improved products they have been going to the global serves American interests.  It is not made here when the great products of the American.  The American was a world away.  In the American Prospects that the Democrats have become the distanced from the labor, the most party officials was come from the business class and have a little appreciation in what workers can do.  They do not think of the workers as the potential innovators.  They were barely think of them.  In the State of the Union, President Obama said that the US must exports to win the future.  However how  much the time that they will spend in listening to the President and his ilk, then how much listening to the rest of the America.  The American workers was not the powerless that was exactly in the Kristof’s sense of the word. However, the policy makers keep not listening . The things are going in that way. The outsourcing is very important because it is the one who help the companies and businesses problems. IT also help the people to outsource inside and outside the country to promote something or to spread something.  Like the call center they are one of the outsourcing companies that serves the whole world to spread some products, helping those people who need help, they ware one who send e-mails to the other country.  The outsourcing becomes one of the biggest trend in the world.  Most of the people want this technique to earn money immediately.






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