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    Germany Should Take Advantage of South American IT Services

    According to Joerg Stimmer, “When attending the last annualSummit of the European Outsourcing Association, (EOA) in Madrid a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the presence of service providers headquartered in South America, particularly from Brazil. Although the case studies presented focused on customers who are located in Spain or Portugal, the type of services provided and especially the size of the South American service providers left a positive impression on many potential customers from Germany.” There was an interesting angles for the Central Europe in general and the Germany in particular  that procuring IT service from South America. This was the first one ” Although for large corporations, India is still the main location for offshore services, availability of qualified staff is limited for German customers. One reason is that working for US or UK customers might be favored due to language affinity and relatives already being deployed in those markets.”  then the “Germans perceive that cultural differences between them and India are significantly greater than compared to Brazil or other South American cultures. When thinking about the need to visit an operations or development center, German managers by far prefer going to Brazil, which is perceived as a holiday destination, rather than to India.” the last is the “In the past, German companies favored a Nearshore approach to Eastern Europe against off shoring  to India. Due to the limited size of service providers and the already experienced lack of scalability concerning further qualified staff, bigger service providers from South America might be a compelling alternative.”  The German economy was currently showing the best performance across the Europe. The economies in Portugal and Spain was experiencing an ongoing crisis. According to the media reports in Spain and Germany “a lot of highly educated and motivated people in Spain cannot get a rewarding job at home and move to Germany where their skills are highly welcome. This could serve as a facilitator to offshoring to South America by using the Iberian workforce as a mediator for language and cultural differences.” The US and the UK market, the German customers has been cautious in concerning the outsourcing in general and the offshoring or nearshoring in particular. The information technology has a big impact to the society it has a big advantage in everyhthing. This is to improve everything, this is to help the things that can be presented in the whole world.







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